If that is what I can achieve in five minutes, imagine what I can do in an hour.”

Above quote – participant of my recent workshop ‘Leadership and being a role model: decision making and taking responsibility’ for the FMLM.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 12.53.09If you have attended one of my workshops, you will be aware that I almost always use Nancy Kline‘s ‘Thinking Partnerships’ model in workshops. This technique gives people the opportunity to receive and give uninterrupted thinking time, a rarity.

These workshop moments (usually 5minutes) are welcomed, although the technique can take some getting used to. It is probably because our access to time to think is rapidly shrinking, partly because of the increased demands and expectations placed on us, but partly because technology has exposed us to being constantly connected so we don’t switch off, literally. I see this as a problem, not only for us in general, but in particular for our leadership practice.

The pace of work and pressures placed on people force us to do more, work harder and cram in extra hours. We actually don’t have time to think and whilst we can achieve a lot of activity, is it productive and sustainable? Only through stopping, reflecting and gaining perspective can we establish if we are being productive and supporting those around us. Reflection and gaining perspective are crucial to leadership practice – as one of my recent Doctors who completed a coaching programme with me highlighted. He is an incredibly busy man balancing his clinical commitments against his leadership priorities and a couple of his learning points were:

  1. Improved approach to prioritising what is important and what isn’t.
  2. Understanding that Leadership is often more about influencing others rather than telling them what to do.

He couldn’t have worked on these (and other areas) without time to think and his pre-coaching and post-coaching questionnaire highlighted his progress. Despite an incredibly turbulent year, he feels more resilient than a year ago because he has had time to think things through.

We need to get back into the habit of thinking well for ourselves.

A decent way to invest in your leadership practice would be to attend the Leaders in Healthcare conference 31.10.16 to 2.11.16 Liverpool.

I and other FMLM Coaches will be there and are running an exciting session on day one called ‘Coaching for leaders: A worthwhile investment?’ This will be highly interactive and you will have the chance to access learning through 8 executive coaches on a range of subjects.

I’ll be there on my table titled Time Management.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 11.06.43

If you would like time to think about your leadership development, call me on 0754 0593476 or email me at alexishutson@yahoo.com

If you are interested in medical leadership, then the 2015 FMLM Conference is a must.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.26.27Have a look at their vimeo on why the last conference was so important and what you could gain by attending next year.


The National Conference will be held at Manchester Central and runs for two days on the 24 and 25 February 2015.

FMLM Members are also invited to join the Education day on 23 February.


I’ve been asked to speak at next months FMLM conference.

FMLM conference logo 2013

Coaching and mentoring are frequently hailed as a crucial element in leadership development for Doctors, but it still seems to be a ‘hidden’ activity that is often seen as only for those in ‘difficulty’.

My session at the FMLM conference will broach this subject and explore what successful coaching and mentoring can achieve for medics.

  • What does successful coaching and mentoring look like?
  • What do Doctors get out of it?
  • How does it develop non-clinical leadership skills?
The practical session will explore all these questions and more. It will give participants the opportunity consider their own practice as a coach / mentor, or consider how coaching and mentoring might benefit them.

If you wish to join me at the largest health leadership conference this year, you may want to take advantage of the £200 discount on the delegate rate, that I have agreed with Dods, the event organisers. Email Leslie de Hoog at Dods, leslie.dehoog@dods.co.uk to find out more.

Come say hello at the conference.
To book onto the conference visit this link.