“Ready for revalidation: your revalidation”

Got one of these yet? My husband just did.

I know. It’s another thing to have to do, collect the data, follow the process and tick the boxes.

And there is nothing to do, but to just do it – if you want to keep practising medicine.

So what’s the best way of dealing with it?

By tackling it now. Give yourself one hour. Protect that time with no distractions from the phone, PC and other folk. You will be surprised by how much thinking you can do in 60 uncontaminated minutes. This is your time to think about what you will do to make preparing for revalidation as painless as possible. You must design your own approach that’s right for you.

Ask yourself these questions in your 60 minutes:

  • What do I need to do?
  • How am I going to do it?
  • Who do I need to help me?
  • When have I got to do it by?

Remember, this hour is just for thinking and marking out your plan. Don’t use the time to start actioning. By being strategic in your approach now, it will be more bearable.

I know many of my clients are frustrated at the prospect of more admin and some are worried they may not make the grade, but what I’m advising them all to do, is to seize control of it now.

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Fully recharged? Or are you running on empty already?

Time is a finite resource. It’s an issue that almost always comes into sessions with my clients. None of us feel like we have enough of it and at the beginning of a New Year, we feel the passage of time more keenly. How we spend this valuable resource and how effective and efficient we are at it, is a common concern.

One-way of repositioning our relationship with time is to think about how energized we are when we are spending time. We cannot change how much time we have, but we can control how much energy we have.

…greater capacity makes it possible to get more done in less time at a higher level of engagement and with more sustainability.” Tony Schwartz.

Schwartz at The Energy Project describes a model of four energy dimensions that should be invested in:

  • Physical Energy – sleep, exercise, diet and taking breaks.
  • Emotional Energy – defuse negative emotions, fuel positive emotions, and review upsetting situations.
  • Mental Energy – reduce interruptions to important thinking tasks, stay goal focussed and switch jobs at healthy intervals.
  • Spiritual Energy – identify those task that give you more energy, allocate more time to those tasks that are really important to you and live by your core values.

For some of my Doctors they are aware of Physical Energy but less aware of their need to invest in Emotional Energy. It’s useful to reflect upon how you invest in these four areas as you may discover that only a couple of your ‘batteries’ are fully charged.

OK, so this is not going to ‘buy’ you more time, but it might help you feel more satisfied with how you spend the time you do have and give you some ideas about where you need to invest in yourself at this moment in time.


Click here to access Tony Schwartz’s Harvard Business Review paper.

You can take an online test to check out your relationship to these four energy dimensions by clicking here.

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