I’ve been ask by local faculties of The Royal College of General Practitioners to hold two more pre-retirement courses.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 08.43.30These events have been designed by myself and friends who are GPs. The intention is to provide a workshop that allows people to explore their transition towards retirement and consider their ideas about what they might do.

10th September 2015 (Evening) Link here – RCGP Vale of Trent

14th November 2015 (Saturday) Link here –  RCGP East Anglia

NB, this excludes pension / financial planning.

Previous attendees to this workshop said:

“Very good as I thought I would completely give up work but opened up my mind to non-medical options.

Excellent, helped me work out what I’m going to do in a positive way, excellent, thought-provoking and therapeutic.”

“Brilliant fun – cover so much ground really well and safely.”

Recently retired GP David Poll shares his thoughts on retiring here.

I am David Poll, just “ex-GP” from my practice in Belper, Derbyshire, where I worked for 30 years. I have retired and have had a fantastic set of leaving do’s. It’s been a weird time, deciding to leave a very happy working environment to an unknown that I have thought about endlessly for the past couple of years, but which inevitably will be a new phase of adjustment and learning. I am still working as an educationalist at Health Education East Midlands, but for only 16 hours a week. The practicalities of my pension being available was one key factor in my decision to stop clinical practice and I have been through various categories of other reflections including consideration of what I will do with all that time, stopping clinical practice, what legacy I will leave behind, what advice I might offer to GPs starting in practice now and what I will miss most and least. I am ready though now. I would describe my emotions over the lead up time to have ranged from terror, through acceptance to eager anticipation and excitement. It has undoubtedly helped me to share views, advice and the feelings of others.

To book on these courses, follow the links above.

If you are interested in finding out more about these course, call me on 0754 0593476 or email me at alexishutson@yahoo.com

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  1. An early pleasure of retirement was experienced on my return from holiday and NOT having to leap about on the Monday morning. Getting up and easing into the day, unpacking and sorting the mail, house and garden done at a leisurely pace without the sudden grim hassle of the first-day-back-at-work-after-holiday was fantastic.


  2. It’s coming up to the third month of pension. I am dealing with an odd sensation; I imagined I would feel a sense of entitlement to my pension, given all the payments I have made into it over my working life. However, oddly, being paid money without it being linked immediately with effort is another new mind set to get used to for me. I am quite sure though I will get used to it pretty fast!


  3. The countdown app on my phone says it is now 170 days since I retired. The app was a constant friend before the date and I didn’t delete it. I am about the have the first Christmas holiday “off” for 35 years. Looking back, most of the things I worried about regarding retirement now no longer seem to be issues at all. I have removed myself from the performer’s list. I haven’t been bored for a moment and am astonished at how busy life is just following one’s nose, so-to-speak. Interestingly, I have mused on how work acted as a reason for not committing to social events and activities in the past, helping me have an excuse to not do something. So having the first Christmas off for 35 years oddly enough won’t seem like being off – because the party will continue and even ramp up a bit. I feel like I need a holiday! Weird. Time to plan one….


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