Help Dr Penny Newman complete her MSc in Coaching by filling in this survey monkey questionnaire.

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Coaching is the art of facilitating the development, learning and performance of another and together with mentoring has been recommended to help doctors progress in their careers to Consultant and GP partner level and beyond into a senior leadership role.

As women are under represented at board level or equivalent, coaching has been targeted to this group in the private sector to help close the gap.

This survey aims to identify how coaching is or would be used by all doctors, and particularly women. The results will contribute to an MSc in coaching and be shared with those responsible for medical career progression at a national level.

SURVEY LINK HERE. Many thanks for your help.

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  1. I have filled out the Survey Monkey but I think we should stop beating our chests about discrimination as we choose to take time out or to have a family and we decide whether family comes before career.
    It is an Old Boys’Network because Old Boys war/are the most represented at high levels – and few men choose to work part time (I think) and expect to continue at the top of the game.

    Women are key to the future of the Health Service and it is up to us to show what we are capable of – part time and sessional doctors are vulnerable whatever their age and gender
    Good luck with the MSc and keep up the good work!


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