Developing non-clinical skills

Doctors tell me they want to develop non-clinical skills in the following areas:

  • Leadership and management
  • Career-planning and development
  • Skills and task-management
  • Personal performance

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If you would like to see and hear me talking about coaching for doctors, view the Vimeo produced by the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management.

Download a guide to the kinds of coaching I offer to junior and senior doctors. Coaching for Doctors



One-to-one coaching  

The doctors I work with want to work privately in a one-to-one setting where they can explore and develop their thinking and decisions. They want their learning to be sustainable and focused on their situations. They want to do this independently of their employers or commissioners.

I work with a broad selection of clients, from new partners in general practice to senior secondary care consultants. They span from the newly qualified to those considering retirement. This is not remedial coaching for those in difficulty.

The coaching will support you, to:

  • accelerate your chances of performing successfully at a higher level;
  • take on new and interesting challenges;
  • make the right career-management choices;
  • become more effective in practising the non-clinical skills and tasks that have to be done; and
  • develop a greater personal understanding that will make it easier to live with yourself and work with others.

This has helped me improve my communication skills, improve how to deal with difficult colleagues and how to control my own emotions and be professional at all times. Also more importantly, it has helped me to realise that I should not compromise on my personal development, which has helped me immensely. Hospital Doctor.

For more information and to find out how personalised coaching could help you, please contact me.