The coaching process

All the coaching I offer is one-to-one, which makes it personal, private and tailor-made just for you. This means we can deal specifically with your goals and requirements, focusing on the things that need to be tackled quickly.

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If you would like to see and hear Dr Chris Hewitt talking about his experience of Coaching, view the Vimeo which was produced by the Faculty of Medical Leadership & Management.




Your coaching will be achieved through the following process:

  1. Understanding your context and identifying goals
  2. Employing tests and tools to identify the problem (if you choose)
  3. Designing a plan of action to get the results you need
  4. Review and reflection

As your coach, I will:

  • be reliable regarding appointments and monitor the time you have together;
  • actively listen;
  • help you work things out for yourself and avoid giving instructions;
  • help you establish what you might need and how you may access it;
  • avoid jumping to conclusions;
  • help you explore options;
  • encourage you to reflect in order to learn from developments;
  • encourage you to set learning objectives;
  • provide constructive feedback as and when appropriate; and
  • ask your permission before I offer any observations.

At each stage of the coaching process Alexis made sure that I was happy with what we were addressing and summarised what had been achieved/planned each session – this helped keep it all ‘on track’ and is a great reflective tool for me to take into the future with me. GP

Download of Brochure

To find out more about how coaching works and how it could help you, please contact me.